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President, Chief Technical Officer

A graduate of Montana State University with Bachelors and Masters Degrees in Electrical Engineering, Jeff is also a member of IEEE.

Prior to founding Nuhertz in 1999, Jeff was a flight control engineer at Honeywell, Inc. where he produced many unique and innovative patented flight controls designs directed at airline efficiency, passenger safety and comfort, and NASA research projects. 

In the years since founding Nuhertz, Jeff has taught electrical engineering at Arizona State University, and has supported the John and Fanny Hertz Foundation, a foundation for PhD scholarships to high qualified candidates in technical fields.

Jeff's patents   (Owned by Honeywell, Inc.):

Patent #

Patent Description



Method to achieve a DC balanced signal data bus interface using combination of Ethernet and RS-485 protocols with step-up transformer coupling



Lead compensated engines-only flight control system



System for predetermining numerical value as a result of non-linear accumulation of detent signal rotational rates of a selector switch with pre-established sampling time periods



Apparatus and method for a smooth transition between calibrated airspeed control of an aircraft and Mach number control of an aircraft



Horizontal stabilizer motion detector



Flight control apparatus with predictive heading/track hold command



Lateral axis rollout control for aircraft



Jeff Kahler

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